Elizabeth Restaurant

Wilds of the Woods: Spring Menu

Spring is one of our favorite seasons. The forest is more bountiful than ever. Come in. See and taste all we gather.

  • Prepaid reservation for 2-4 guests
  • $75$145 per person
2 guests
Jun 24, 2017
Wilds of the Woods: Spring Menu is sold out for 2 guests. Try another date.
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Elizabeth Restaurant

Chicago, IL

Elizabeth Restaurant’s cuisine is inspired by the natural world - they call it New Gatherer. The menus are largely fruit and vegetable focused with respect to the seasons. While their menus do feature proteins from local farmers they are not a steak-and-potato kind of place. The team dedicates long hours to constructing thoughtful menus that allow their diners to be told a story and they want their guests to share in this collaborative spirit with an open mind and palate. While they do love...+ More

Awards and recognitions

  • Michelin Guide - 1 Star
  • James Beard Award
  • Food and Wine New Best Chefs - 2016

Now booking through October 31, 2017